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This vector is a shuttle that is capable of replicating in both Escherichia and Campylobacter cells. In E. coli it is a medium copy number plasmid, 7,277 bp in length.

The plasmid contain:
1 – the p15A origin of replication (ORI);
2 – fragment of Campylobacter plasmid encoding origin of replication (repA and repB);
3 – the reporter operon encoding bacterial luciferase (LuxA and LuxB) and chloramphenicol acetyl transferase (CM(R)) and expressing in both Escherichia and Campylobacter cells from Campylobacter promoter (Psap);
4 – the E. coli lactose promoter (Plac).

The map shows enzymes that cut pCampy15 once and can be used for insertion of DNA fragments without affecting the ability of the plasmid to maintain in both types of hosts.



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