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Phage display

The MD12™ phage display is a collection of ~10e+11 independently generated phage particles in which each particle encodes and exposes on its capsid a random dodecapeptide. By incubating this collection with immobilized molecules of interest, followed by removal of non-bound phage particles, phage particles encoding dodecapeptides specifically interacting with immobilized molecules can be isolated and identified.

Each cylinder-shaped phage particle in the MD12™ phage display exposes a dodecapeptide as part of the minor capsid protein VII. This protein is located on the end of the phage particle, opposite the end that carries protein III and is involved in the  interaction with the host bacterial cell. Dodecapeptide-mediated interaction of components of the MD12™ phage display with immobilised molecules does not interfere with their abilities to infect host cells. Unlike phage displays that incorporate random peptides into protein III, components of the MD12™ phage display do not need to be separated from dodecapeptide-recognizing molecules in order to infect host cells. This feature may be used for selection of sequences with increased affinity to molecules of interest.

MD12TM phage display kit


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Kit components:

  • phage display (3x10e+13 pfu/ml)

  • host bacteria

  • sequencing primers

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