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BioPortrait™ Cell – this form of DNA preservation is analogous to that offered by our competitors and represents the form delivering the lowest level of DNA integrity and stability. However, in this form DNA may be preserved for many years and will remain suitable for conducting:
1) DNA fingerprinting
2) parental analysis
3) diagnosis of some hereditary diseases and
4) rather simple genealogic analyses.
This is the least expensive form of DNA preservation.

Upon request we will mail a kit to the customer with easy-to-follow instructions for collection and preservation of their biological samples.

BioPortrait™ Genomic DNA - this form of DNA preservation delivers the lowest degree of information fragmentation possible. The “book” preserved by this method is stored in the form of several large chapters that can be to put together if the whole “book” is ever required.  This method provides a substantially larger supply of DNA than BioPortrait™ Cell, however a nevertheless limited one. This means that DNA can be used in multiple analyses and applications, but with each application the amount of stored DNA will diminish and after some point nothing may be left.

In addition to the above-listed applications for BioPortrait™ Cell, this product may be used for very complex genealogic analyses, as well as a source of family-related materials for future genetic modifications of hereditary imperfections.

BioPortait™ Library - similarly to BioPortrait™ Genomic DNA, this product will contain all genetic information of the individual and could be used for immediate analysis or for long-term storage of this information. Nevertheless, unlike BioPortrait™ Genomic DNA, this product can be amplified. Figuratively speaking, each chapter of the “book” preserved by this method comes with its own copy machine.   Thus, this form of DNA preservation will ensure an endless source of material for analysis, as well as offer an opportunity to provide identical sets of information to an infinite amount of people (descendants, fans etc.). As a sub-option of this form of DNA preservation, Alpha Universe customers have an opportunity to preserve “chapters” of the “book”, each carrying the imprinted name of the owner. This proprietary form of DNA preservation provides additional assurance of traceability of preserved information.

BioPortrait™ Time Capsule - imprinting of personalized messages in the DNA of microorganisms or plants. The patent pending technology allows conversion of any element of written human language into DNA code, thus transforming DNA into the most compact carrier media for personal diaries, wills, poems etc. After introduction into the chosen host organism, the DNA imprinted messages will remain in this organism for as long as it exists. These messages will be amplified with each division of the microorganism or transferred to the following generations of plants. As a result, these messages may remain intact long after the traditional time capsules cease to exist and will be available for all generations of decedents of the particular individual and even for all of humanity.

Preservation of BioPortrait™ Genomic DNAs and BioPortrait™ Libraries under strictly controlled conditions that assure increased integrity and stability of preserved information.

Intermediate services for analysis of BioPortrait™ Genomic DNAs and BioPortrait™ Libraries.  This hassle-free service assures the customer’s ability to obtain all sorts of information contained within their BioPortrait™ without revealing their identity to anybody.

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