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Why Alpha Universe

In deciding which company to entrust with preservation and, if required, analysis of their DNA, customers need to consider the following:
The Quality and form of BioPortrait™ preservation has a direct impact on the longevity of preserved information, as well as its integrity. DNA, for example, is substantially more stable when it is separated from other molecules normally present in cells. The purification process, however, always results in some DNA breakage that varies depending on the method of purification used.  If DNA were a book, it could be shredded into tiny pieces or preserved in  the form of several large sections. Shredded, a “book” may be used to recover separate words or phrases that may be useful in guessing the subject of the book. Nevertheless, only if the “book” is stored in the form of large sections may the whole story be revealed. Alpha Universe not only offers the option of preserving their DNA in the form of large chapters that will be suitable for very complex analyses in the future to customers, but can also equip each chapter with its own copier device so the “book” may be amplified and provided to as many “readers” as required. Also, Alpha Universe can label each “chapter” with a special tag so, if in the far future chapters of several books are accidently mixed together, it will always be possible to separate chapters belonging to the same “book” from others. If the customer chooses, Alpha Universe can supplement native DNA molecules with artificial ones that will carry into the future even the individual’s thoughts.

Convenience. The ever-growing number of companies offering different types of DNA analyses makes it difficult for a non-specialist to keep track of all arising opportunities. It is even more difficult to choose between companies offering similar analyses.  Each new company and new analysis require not only the customer’s time but also a new tissue sample. Alpha Universe offers its customers an opportunity to deposit DNA just once and allow Alpha Universe to worry about communications with multiple assay providers.

Security. DNA and other biological molecules (BioPortrait™) contain a wealth of information that, if acquired by the wrong hands, may be used in a way damaging to the owner’s and their relatives’ careers, wealth and prestige. The more one sends one’s biological specimens out, the more people have contact with them, the higher the chances that something will go wrong. On the contrary, if one uses Alpha Universe as his/her personal agent, one may be assured that nobody except for s/he will be able to connect results of the analyses with his/her name.

The custom approach to BioPortrait™ preservation and analysis services. Indeed, some people may want to use BioPortrait™ as tokens of memories of their loved ones. Others may be mostly interested in using a BioPortrait™ as a source of information about their hereditary traits and genealogy or as a source of materials for future genetic therapy.    Different goals will require different approaches to BioPortrait™ preservation, presentation and analysis. Alpha Universe recognizes this and intends to find the ideal format for each customer.

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