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Why BioPortrait

A BioPortrait™ is a collection of biological molecules that offers a window into both the physical and psychological aspects of an individual. DNA is the central molecule. It acts as a palette of colors (genes) that can be used to paint an individual’s portrait. Similar to paper, tape-recorder’s tape or DVDs, some forms of DNA may preserve even an individual’s thoughts. However, unlike most media used by humans for information preservation, DNA can survive for thousands and even millions of years.

At the present time, science can reveal only a tiny fraction of information contained in an individual’s BioPortrait™, but even today this information can be used as an insurance tool that allows people to identify the individuals and parental relationships in case of disaster. This information can predict the possibility of inherent diseases and offer greater chances of survival for some people. A BioPortrait™ can lead people back down their path of ancestry, building a strong family tree for later generations to grow from.

In time
, the understanding of BioPortrait™ will become deeper and open new and exciting opportunities to BioPortrait™ owners and their descendants. To name one, preserved BioPortrait™ will ensure a greater success rate of genetic correction of health and physical limitations in descendants of the BioPortrait™ owner. Just as organ transplantation requires compatible organs, future genetic therapy will depend upon the availability of compatible genetic material—best found in relatives.

We were asked the following question:
If reincarnation exists and a soul were to be offered the same body (via cloning), is it possible that the person would be granted a second life?
Our reply:
Science does not yet have proof of reincarnation, but nor does it have any information against it. If this turns out to be the case, the procedure will require a source of well-preserved, high integrity DNA and will be available only to those individuals with preserved DNA.
However, if it is a second life you are looking for, without a doubt preserved DNA in and of itself may be used to immortalize the memory of a loved one. DNA can be kept in very small containers that can be part of jewelry and carried, quite literally, close to a relative’s heart. Alternatively, it could be placed in a grand memorial display for all to marvel at. Unlike ashes that retain very little of whom your loved-one was, DNA will allow your descendants and others to learn about your loved-ones, be inspired by, and celebrate them.

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