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"I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details."  
                                                   Albert Einstein
Our mission is to provide our customers with first class details so they can focus on learning God's thoughts.

Information Preservation Services

We offer our customers an opportunity to freeze in time and preserve a biologic "memory" – BioPortrait™ – of their own or their loved ones.

Currently, BioPortrait™ can be used as an identity confirming tool.

In the future, it can be instrumental for reconstructing both physical and psychological characteristicts of the individual. Also, this preserved "memory" may serve as a "must have" material for family-based gene therapy.

Molecular and Cell Biology Products


Alpha Universe offers a variety of products and services that spun from conventional DNA electrophoresis markers and E. coli competent cells to unique systems enabling efficient monitoring of molecules of interest. The whole set of products and services is build around the idea of simplifying work of those studying bacterial toxins and other pathogens.

Our main R&D thrust is focused on development of new approaches for detection and inactivation of pathogens (including biothreat agents).

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